Trump, General Motors attacks on striking workers

This 18 September 2019 video from the USA, in English with Spanish subtitles, says about itself:

Flint GM workers on strike oppose tier system, support international unity

WSWS Autoworker Newsletter reporters spoke to striking GM workers on the picket lines in Flint Michigan, the site of the historic sit-down strikes of 1937.

By Tom Hall in the USA:

Trump administration intervenes in bid to shut down GM strike

18 September 2019

The Trump administration is engaged in secret talks to shut down the strike at General Motors, Politico reported Tuesday afternoon.

According to anonymous sources who spoke with the media outlet, National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow and White House trade and manufacturing adviser Peter Navarro are both involved in the talks. …

Autoworkers must be warned: the intervention by the Trump administration is not in their interests. All of the demands of autoworkers, including the elimination of the tier system and the converting of temps to full-time positions, improved wages, health care and pensions, and the reversal of all layoffs, will be swept aside on the basis of lying promises about “saving American jobs.”

By Tom Hall in the USA:

GM hiring scabs to replace strikers at Missouri and Texas assembly plants

17 September 2019

Social media posts by autoworkers throughout the day have exposed that General Motors is hiring scab labor to operate its key assembly plants in Arlington, Texas and Wentzville, Missouri.

A flyer distributed by temp agency Stride Staffing advertised a job fair held in a Dallas suburb late Tuesday morning for “temp to hire” assembly technicians on three shifts. Any strikebreakers who are hired will earn the poverty wage of $12 to $12.35 per hour, less than some fast food workers in the Dallas area. The UAW local president at Arlington Assembly reportedly confirmed that the company was hiring scabs in an emergency meeting held this morning.

A WSWS Autoworker Newsletter reader in Missouri also reported that the UAW local president at Wentzville Assembly has informed striking GM workers that the company is hiring strikebreakers at their plant as well. …

The exposure of the strikebreaking operation comes the day after the company cut off medical benefits for striking workers, jeopardizing access to healthcare for tens of thousands of workers. The company was originally set to provide benefits until the end of the month. Workers are forced to obtain healthcare from the … ration they are being paid by the UAW strike fund, which provides medical and prescription drug coverage but not dental, vision, hearing or other benefits. Workers will not begin accruing strike pay until next Monday, when they will make a paltry $250 a week.

GM YANKS STRIKING WORKERS’ HEALTH CARE General Motors workers will be losing their company-sponsored health care two days into a strike that has shut down more than 50 facilities across the country. This forces the United Auto Workers to dip into its strike fund in order to provide health coverage to the nearly 50,000 workers involved in the work stoppage. [HuffPost]

‘IT JUST LOOKS LIKE CORPORATE GREED’ No one knows how long the largest auto strike in more than a decade will last. But workers have dug in. They look at how well General Motors has done in recent years ― the company pulled in roughly $11 billion in pre-tax profits in 2018 ― and wonder why they shouldn’t have a larger piece of the pie. [HuffPost]

Protests as Trump labor board moves to restrict grad student unions: here.

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