Help honeybees with Internet game

This video from the USA is called Beeing – iPhone Game Trailer.

Translated from the site I love Beeing in the Netherlands:

Everyone knows the story of the flowers and the bees. The bees love the nectar from the flowers, and with their feet they take pollen along to other flowers. So they make sure that the other flowers can reproduce. But things are not going well for bees, we face massive bee deaths. For Foundation The Tipping Point that is a reason to take action …

One of their ways to take action is an Internet game.

The game works like this:

Play the game and save the bee!

Fly along with other online Beeing players to a flower field.
Collect as much flower nectar as possible. Your nectar points will make the Beeing beehive residents’ numbers grow!
For each bee which one of you will save in the game, we will ensure that a real bee will fly through the air. Maybe it will fly in your garden!
The more bees you will save, the higher you will rise in the bee hierarchy. The best-Beeing bees can win the grand prize: Will you be this week’s the queen bee (or king bees)?

See also here.

There is also an English language game with the same name.

Pollinating insects contribute to agricultural production in 150 (84%) European crops. These crops depend partly or entirely upon insects for their pollination and yield. The value of insect pollinators is estimated to be €22 billion a year in Europe. Declines in managed pollinators, such as honeybees, and wild pollinator such bumblebees, solitary bees and hoverflies, are therefore of growing concern as we need to protect food production and the maintain wildflower diversity: here.

ScienceDaily (Sep. 16, 2012) — Johns Hopkins scientists report what is believed to be the first evidence that complex, reversible behavioral patterns in bees — and presumably other animals — are linked to reversible chemical tags on genes: here.

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