Fraudulent ‘science’ in the USA

This video from the USA says about itself:

12 November 2009

In 2004, lawyers for Pfizer, the worlds largest drug company, promised it wouldnt break the law again. The attorneys were negotiating with federal prosecutors over charges that the corporation had been engaging in health-care fraud. But Bloomberg news now reports that Pfizer managers were breaking that promise even before the ink was dry on their plea.

By Martha Rosenberg, Truthout in the USA:

Why Aren’t These Fraudulent Papers Retracted?

Monday, 14 May 2012 00:00

According to Science Times, the Tuesday science section in The New York Times, scientific retractions are on the rise because of a “dysfunctional scientific climate” that has created a “winner-take-all game with perverse incentives that lead scientists to cut corners and, in some cases, commit acts of misconduct.”

But elsewhere, audacious, falsified research stands unretracted – including the work of authors who actually went to prison for fraud!

Richard Borison MD, former psychiatry chief at the Augusta Veterans Affairs medical center and Medical College of Georgia, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for a $10 million clinical trial fraud, but his 1996 US Seroquel® Study Group research is unretracted. In fact, it is cited in 173 works and medical textbooks, misleading future medical professionals.(4)

Scott Reuben MD, the “Bernie Madoff” of medicine who published research on clinical trials that never existed, was sentenced to six months in prison in 2010. But his “research” on popular pain killers like Celebrex and Lyrica is unretracted. If going to prison for research fraud is not enough reason for retraction, what is?

Wayne MacFadden MD, resigned as US medical director for Seroquel in 2006, after sexual affairs with two coworker women researchers surfaced, but the related work is unretracted and was even part of Seroquel’s FDA approval package for bipolar disorder.

More than 50 ghostwritten papers about hormone therapy (HT) written by Pfizer‘s marketing firm, Designwrite, ran in medical journals, according to unsealed court documents on the University of California – San Francisco’s Drug Industry Document Archive. Though the papers claimed no link between HT and breast cancer and false cardiac and cognitive benefits and were ghostwritten by marketing professionals not doctors, none has been retracted.

3 thoughts on “Fraudulent ‘science’ in the USA

  1. Pzifer, ARRRRRR, I could tell you s story about them, slimy little weasels that they are. This is why I take no drugs, no thanks, if an aspirin can’t cure it, I’m SOL.


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