Namaqua doves and police

This October 2011 video is called Wassu Stone Circles, The Gambia.

9 February 2012.

We left the beautiful little lake with its squacco heron, pied kingfisher, yellow-billed shrikes, etc., intending to return to the bee-eaters’ quarry.

A little green bee-eater on a shrub.

And then … we lost our way.

Three male Namaqua doves and one female, second from left, Gambia, 9 February 2012

We walked through fields with hundreds of Namaqua doves. In our anxiety about not knowing where we were, we did not give those beautiful birds the attention they deserve. We walked to what we thought to be the main road … which, as we came closer, turned out to be an aqueduct.

Finally, we managed to find the main road at Wassu. Wassu village is known for its stone circles. These archaeological monuments are from the early Middle Ages and remind one somewhat of megalithic structures in Malta, Stonehenge in England, etc.

At Wassu police station, a visiting inspector and local police sergeant Ceesay, by phone calls, managed to re-unite us with the rest of our Gambian Birdwatchers Association party at the quarry. Thank you!

On this blog, I often have to write on unacceptable police actions in various countries, like attacks on Occupy Oakland in the USA. However, I have also written on police doing things right, like when there was no bus in Hull, England, and a policeman was kind enough to bring us to the railway station in a police car.

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