Yemen dictator keeps killing

This video is called Protesters fired upon in Yemen.

By Will Morrow:

Yemen regime massacres dozens as Saleh considers immunity deal

22 October 2011

Thousands participated in funerals on October 19 for more than 30 protesters killed by the regime of Ali Abdullah Saleh over the previous week. President Saleh remains recalcitrant, refusing to sign a power transfer initiative backed by the US and European powers that would grant him immunity from prosecution.

The recent wave of killings began on October 15, when an estimated 300,000 people marched beyond their encampment in the capital Sana’a. The protest base, dubbed “Change Square”, consists of a stretch of road of several kilometres, where thousands of anti-government demonstrators and opposition tribesmen have slept in tents since February.

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8 thoughts on “Yemen dictator keeps killing

  1. Yemeni women burn their veils to protest crackdown

    Published: Yesterday

    SANAA, Yemen (AP) – Hundreds of Yemeni women have set fire to a pile of traditional female veils to protest the government’s brutal crackdown against the country’s popular uprising.

    The act of women burning their clothing is a symbolic Bedouin tribal gesture signifying an appeal for help to tribesmen.

    Wednesday’s protest in the capital Sanaa comes as clashes intensify between forces loyal to President Ali Abdullah Saleh and renegade fighters who have sided with the opposition in demands that the president step down.

    Medical and local officials say up to 25 civilians, tribal fighters and government soldiers died overnight in Sanaa and the city of Taiz despite Saleh’s ceasefire announcement late Tuesday.

    Saleh has clung to power in the face of more than eight months of massive protests against his rule.

    See also here.


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