Ex-dictator of Yemen dies

This video says about itself:

Yemen Opposition Calls for Massive Campaign to Oust Dictator

7 September 2011

Walid Al-Saqaf: Opposition has united with students to intensify campaign to overthrow President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Today, the ex-dictator of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, has died while trying to escape to Saudi Arabia.

In 1978, Saleh became president of then North Yemen in a military coup d’état.

In 1990, North Yemen and the leftist government of South Yemen decided to merge the two countries.

However, Saleh’s northerners violently persecuted southern socialists. In 1994, South Yemen declared its independence again, but with United States support, Saleh bloodily suppressed that.

Saleh became one of the richest and most corrupt dictators in the world in the poorest Arab country. His regime had the support of the absolute monarchs of Saudi Arabia and the CIA and Pentagon in the USA. Saleh’s troops were trained by United States General Petraeus; later CIA boss; still later resigned in disgrace.

The Saleh dictatorship ruthlessly oppressed the people, eg, the Houthi people in the northern region.

In 2011, the Arab Spring meant mass demonstrations against Saleh. The dictator reacted with bloodbaths against protesters. However, it did not work anymore. Many soldiers in Saleh’s army refused to continue killing civilians. When they understood that situation, the tyrant’s Saudi sponsors decided that a ‘Salehism without Saleh’ might work. They forced the dictatorship’s second in command, Saleh’s Vice President General Hadi, down the throats of the Yemeni people as the new ruler. Yemen’s voters were allowed to elect Hadi as president with him as the only candidate. To be fair, that was still more democratic than Saudi Arabia itself, where one cannot even vote for head of state with His Majesty the King being the only name on the ballot papers.

Dissatisfaction with Hadi’s rule increased, and in 2015 the Houthi rebels entered the capital Saana. Hadi resigned the presidency and went into exile in Saudi Arabia. There, the Saudi royals pressured him to preside over a Saudi puppet Yemeni government in exile as Saudi armed forces and their allies started a bloody war on Yemen.

Most of the Yemeni army of which Saleh had been commander-in-chief decided to oppose the Saudi invaders. So did ex-President Saleh.

Until very recently: Saleh announced he would go over to the Saudi side in the bloody war, and tried a coup in Sanaa. The Saudi Arabian royal air force tried to make Saleh succeed by bombing the Yemeni capital for the umpteenth time; hitting an International Red Cross warehouse. However, this stab in the back failed. Saleh died in the fighting he had started, as the car with which he tried to escape to Saudi Arabia was fired upon.

See also: there was a Saleh-Saudi plan for the coup calling for switching Saudi backing from Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi—Saleh’s former vice president who was installed following the mass upheavals of 2011-2012 and subsequently forced out by the Houthi rebels—to a regime led by Saleh or one of his sons: here.

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