Occupy Wall Street movement continues

This video from the USA is called Occupy Wall Street Protests.

USA: Is a Flat Tax Fair? Dave Johnson, Campaign for America’s Future: “Conservatives are always pushing for a ‘flat tax.’ So simple, but it turns out it is a simple trick, a scam to enrich the 1%, like so much else that conservatives are selling. Don’t fall for it – it means taxes will go up for the 99% of us who aren’t really, really rich”: here.

How the Austerity Class Rules Washington. Ari Berman, The Nation: “In September the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB), a bipartisan deficit-hawk group, held a high-profile symposium urging the Congressional ‘supercommittee’ to ‘go big’ and approve a $4 trillion deficit reduction plan over the next decade”: here.

Figures from the Social Security Administration and Bureau of the Census found that the median income in the United States was barely above the official poverty line: here.

Robert Scheer, Truthdig: “Funny, he doesn’t look like Marie Antoinette. But when former New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller asks his readers if they are “bored by the soggy sleep-ins and warmed-over anarchism of Occupy Wall Street,” it displays the arrogance of disoriented royal privilege…. Perhaps his contempt for anti-corporate protesters was honed by the example of his father, once the chairman of Chevron. In any case, it is revealing, given the cheerleading support that the Times gave to the radical deregulation of Wall Street that occurred when Keller was the managing editor of the newspaper”: here.

US Military Paid $1.1 Trillion to Contractors That Defrauded the Government. Mike Ludwig, Truthout: “The Pentagon has paid $1.1 trillion to hundreds of defense contractors and their parent companies that have defrauded the government over the past ten years, according to a Department of Defense report released Thursday…. The Department of Defense reported that it has sanctions in place and several contractual and administrative “remedies” are available to deal with contract fraud, but the report admits that ‘it is unclear, however, that these remedies are sufficient'”: here.

Time to Move from Occupy Wall Street to Prosecute Wall Street: here.

Taxpayer Funds Supporting Massive, Corporate-Controlled Surveillance Regime in Lower Manhattan: here.

Occupy Washington DC protesters speak out: here.

Last Saturday I was one of the 200 occupiers who were arrested standing up for free speech and assembly and against corporate greed, when Occupy Chicago attempted to establish an encampment at the edge of the city’s Grant Park: here.

Inspired by Occupy Wall Street and the international movement against social inequality, an Occupy Bristol camp in the UK was set up on Saturday, October 15. The occupation is based on College Green, directly outside The Council House, the seat of local government in Bristol: here.

Anti-capitalist protesters were expecting thousands to turn up on Saturday to celebrate the one-week anniversary of the London Stock Exchange occupation by St Paul’s cathedral: here.

4 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street movement continues

  1. NYC Labor Against the War
    10.21 Occupy Wall Street Report:
    Verizon workers marching to OWS

    ‘But it’s this year’s drama in Tahrir Square (acknowledged with an Egyptian flag at the London camp) that has given it such evocative power. And while the 1990s anti-capitalist globalisation protests took place at a time of boom and speculative frenzy, today’s occupations are targeting a global capitalism in the deepest crisis.’


    Anti-Wall St. protesters march with Verizon workers
    Anti-Wall Street protesters joined Verizon Communications workers on Friday in a march to denounce corporate greed as the company and 45,000 employees negotiate a new labor contract. The march by about 500 people to a Verizon store in Lower Manhattan coincided with the top U.S. mobile provider reporting a third-quarter profit of $1.38 billion, more than double its profit for the same quarter last year. Support from unions across the United States has helped boost the ranks of the Occupy Wall Street movement against economic inequality, which began five weeks ago and sparked protests nationwide and globally.

    Princeton Professor, Manhattan Reverend Among Those Arrested In “Stop-And-Frisk” Protest
    Among those handcuffed were Princeton professor Cornel West and Reverend Stephen Phelps of Riverside Church. Some ?Occupy Wall Street? protesters also took part. Organizers say stop-and-frisk is illegal and singles out minorities. “It is a racist practice, and it really needs to stop. People need to stand up,? said one protester.

    Despite attacks, national conference unites Students for Justice in Palestine
    Hundreds of student activists from dozens of colleges and universities across the US are expanding the grassroots movements for Palestine solidarity activism despite aggressive smear campaigns by pro-Israel groups. . . . And at night, organizers headed down to the Occupy Wall Street encampment in New York?s financial district to address a general assembly.

    Occupy Wall St. latest field trip destination for local students getting schooled on civil rights
    ?”Bringing them here is about teaching them about this movement, and making that link to the civil rights movement of the 1960s . …This seemed like a beautiful, organic way to show them what a civil rights movement means.”

    Sun., 10.22: Occupy the Bronx
    On October 22nd, HISTORY in the Bronx continues to be made. “Occupy The Bronx” will hold a peaceful demonstration, representing the 99% of humanity. There are numerous causes being fought for, all spearheaded by a single principle…THE PEOPLE’s VOICE MUST BE HEARD. October 22nd, we will gather again at Fordham Plaza.

    Sat., 10.28: Existence is Resistance Kuffeya Day at Occupy Wall Street
    ?In solidarity with the people of Palestine, we are asking that on Oct. 28th everyone come to Liberty Plaza wearing their Kuffeya. EIR will be on site silk screening shirts for a $2 donation.


    Sat., 10.21: Chicago: The Occupation Will Continue!
    Tomorrow Occupy Chicago will make a stand! Reach out to your friends, family, colleagues, organizations that you belong to, universities, representatives, and all others, and tell them to come be a part of history.

    Teachers join Occupy L.A. movement with march | abc7.com
    “It’s just the energy of all the groups coming together, and this is a chance for everybody to come together and realize we’re all part of the same thing,” said retired LAUSD teacher Tim Doherty. “The problems are all the same. It’s just that each group’s got to realize you’re part of this too.”

    Radio host broadcast on NPR fired over involvment with Occupy Wall Street-like protests
    ?”I don’t cover news. In none of the shows that I do, do I cover the news,” she told the AP. “What is NPR afraid I’ll do? Insert a seditious comment into a synopsis of `Madame Butterfly?'”

    Alabama Workers Meet Harsh Immigration Law with Wildcats | Labor Notes
    As immigrants wage the uphill battle to reclaim the most basic of human rights, they too are among the 99 percent.

    Auto Workers Approve Ford Contract after Hard Sell | Labor Notes
    ?How can the union in one breath support things like Occupy Wall Street but at the same time let the corporations take windfall profits and not get us a raise??


    AUSTRALIA: Occupy Melbourne: evicted but victorious
    This is an opportunity to take things forward. In New York, the Occupy movement got a shot in the arm from similar police action. Mass arrests and assaults galvanised broader layers of the public, who had shown sympathy and passive support for the protests, into action to defend the encampment. The workers? movement got right behind it and it took off. With a bit of luck, and a lot of outreach work, we might be able to get more people involved in the coming days here as well.

    CHINA: Occupy Wall St gets too close
    Now that the protests have spread around the world and appear to be morphing into a movements against many things including ruthless capitalism, corruption, inequality and the arrogance of power, China?s rulers have apparently decided that this is getting too close to home.

    EGYPT: VIDEO ? Protesters march on Maspero, call for overthrowing SCAF ?? ?????? ?? ????? ??? ??????
    Hundreds marched on Thursday night from the High Court, in Ramses, through downtown Cairo streets, ending in Maspero, where the State TV is located, denouncing the sectarian massacre perpetrated by the Egyptian army against (mostly) Coptic protesters on 9 October, 2011.

    GREECE: ?????????? ?????????? ???? ?????? ?? ??? ?????
    Hundreds of thousands protesters. The biggest strike and workers demonstration since the fall of junta (1974).

    PAKISTAN: Occupy wave reaches Pakistan | Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal
    Left-wing political parties, trade unions, social activists and student groups at a press conference in the Labour Party office invited people to join them in an Occupy Lahore anti-capitalist camp at 1 pm, Nasir Bagh, on October 22.

    PALESTINE: More than 160 Palestinian children remain behind Israeli bars
    In 2010, on average 250 children were in detention each month, and in 2009 the monthly average reached 300.

    YEMEN: Exclusive: Nobel Laureate Tawakkul Karman on the Struggle for Women’s Rights, Democracy in Yemen
    This is what the Arab Spring, or Arab revolution, showed. The women in the Arab nations were?actually showed its real face. It was not the image that they were showing about the women in our nations. Now our women are the leaders, not only political leaders, but also leaders that lead in every single front, and they are part of the main leaders of the revolution. And therefore, you can see that the rulers are afraid from women.’


    Occupy Wall Street and labor movement forming uneasy alliance
    ?There?s no way that people are going to be led by the unions into becoming focused on elections,? she said. The activists ?really feel that that has been unsuccessful.?

    The police are not on our side
    The police demonstrate the side they take with every truncheon blow against protesters from New York to Athens.

    The Occupy movement has lit a fire for real change
    But it’s this year’s drama in Tahrir Square (acknowledged with an Egyptian flag at the London camp) that has given it such evocative power. And while the 1990s anti-capitalist globalisation protests took place at a time of boom and speculative frenzy, today’s occupations are targeting a global capitalism in the deepest crisis.

    Socialism in the Arab world
    Socialist ideas have had an enormous influence in the Middle East, and can return to the fore once again.


    OccupyStream – All Occupy Wall Street Streams and IRC – Live Revolution

    Occupy Together
    Welcome to OCCUPY TOGETHER, an unofficial hub for all of the events springing up across the country in solidarity with Occupy Wall St.

    We Are the 99 Percent
    Brought to you by the people who occupy wall street. Why will YOU occupy?

    PLEASE CIRCULATE WIDELY: If you are arrested at an Occupy Event, call the National Lawyers Guild: New York City: (212) 679-6018 Los Angeles: (323) 696-2299 Washington, DC: (202) 957 2445 Chicago: (773) 309-1198 San Francisco: (415) 285-1011 New Orleans: (504) 875-0019 Baltimore: (410) 205-2850 Minnesota: (612) 656-9108 Michigan: (313) 963-0843 Portland: (503) 902-5340 Boston: (617) 227-7335 Pennsylvania & Delaware: (267) 702-4654 Idaho: (208) 991-4324 Be very sure to write the applicable phone number in PERMANENT marker somewhere concealed on your body, protected from the elements. Do NOT assume you will be able to retrieve the number from a phone or a notebook. It is very likely you will be stripped of all your belongings.

    What To Do If You’re Arrested at an Occupy Protest – Disorderly Conduct Laws

    The resistance continues at Liberty Square and Nationwide!

    Donate Money to #occupywallstreet

    NYC General Assembly
    The Official Website of the GA at #OccupyWallStreet

    People of Color / #OccupyWallStreet
    Created in response to the lack of racial diversity at #OccupyWallStreet with the purpose of developing critical consciousness within the movement and extending its reach to include those most affected by the current crisis. It is open to all who identify as people of color.

    Occupy Wall St.: Immediate Needs
    Comfort Committee’s Current NEEDS: thermal wear (especially smaller sizes), blankets, toiletries (especially toothpaste), hats & gloves, towels for showers We do NOT need more ponchos or space blankets. All donations can be sent to: The UPS Store Re: Occupy Wall Street 118A Fulton St. #205 New York, NY 10038



    Consistent with the Wall Street standard operating procedure of privatized profits and socialized risks, the Bank of America has allegedly transferred $75 trillion dollars in potentially toxic derivatives to enable the money to be covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

    What does this mean in plain English?

    It means that we, the taxpayers, are once again insuring the casino gambling financial bets of another bank too big to fail. So, while the Tea Party and the Republicans in Congress rail about cutting taxes, they are saying nary a word about taxpayers covering the shady financial gambling of big banks. The potential loss of $75 trillion, insured by government money, dwarfs budget deficit “austerity” talks.

    And the Bank of America – although it is the largest US bank in total financial assets according to Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) – is not a good investment for taxpayers right now, even though it recently showed a profit on paper. According to Bloomberg:

    Moody’s Investors Service downgraded Bank of America’s long-term credit ratings Sept. 21, cutting both the holding company and the retail bank two notches apiece. The holding company fell to Baa1, the third-lowest investment-grade rank, from A2, while the retail bank declined to A2 from Aa3….

    Bank of America’s rating is now four grades below the one Moody’s assigned to JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), the biggest U.S. bank by deposits at midyear, and a level below the rating given to Citigroup Inc. (C), the third-biggest. Bank of America is the only U.S. lender that lacks a rating of A3 or higher among the five firms listed by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency as having the biggest derivatives books.

    So the free market isn’t really “free.” Wall Street depends upon hard-working Americans to keep them from the negative results of taking bad risks in an effort to turn large profits and big bonuses. If you own a small business and take such risks and they fail, you go bankrupt. If you run a Wall Street bank “too big to fail,” average Americans cover your losses. Call it Wall Street socialism.

    Ominously, in regards to that $75 trillion dollars that we are now backing with our dollars, a Reuters columnist recently wrote a commentary headlined, “Is Bank of America preparing for a Chapter 11?”

    It would be great to go to Vegas and have all your gambling debts covered by the house. That’s the Wall Street way – and the US government is the house.

    The taxpayers are holding up Wall Street, not the other way around.

    Mark Karlin
    Editor, BuzzFlash at Truthout


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