Goldfinch and buzzard

Today, the Baillon’s crake reserve again.

Near the entrance, an adult great crested grebe swimming with a chick about half its size.

Gadwall ducks.

In the southern lake, a great cormorant swimming, a dabchick diving, and snipes on the bank.


A buzzard circling over the northern lake.

Lapwings. Shoveler ducks.

Many black-headed and a few herring gulls.

The adult Egyptian goose and it now almost adult size chicks are again at the southern end of the path along the railroad canal.

A small tortoiseshell butterfly on the path.

This is a video about (adult) goldfinches.

Goldfinches wooed from farmland to British gardens: here.

As the path goes left, near the bench a juvenile goldfinch sitting on a thistle.

In a small tree near the southern lake, another juvenile goldfinch. Already a yellow wingpatch, no red head yet. It tries to sing, maybe for one of the first times.

7 thoughts on “Goldfinch and buzzard

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