Yemen dictator keeps killing his own people

This video says about itself:

Burn camp of freedom in the city of Taiz of the peaceful revolution in Yemen 05/29/2011

Yemeni security forces burnt entire the tents of Taiz’s Freedom Square where protesters sat-in since 11 February 2011. They dispersed the protesters amid live gunfire using armoured vehicles and police trucks.

Scenes from the fire, which ignited militias, the Yemeni president against the citizens of Yemeni yesterday where was the security forces of the President of the Yemeni killed over 51 people and injuring more than 1000 live ammunition in addition to more than 400 people with bombs, tear gas and in the process of burning Mu’tasim peaceful in the city of Taiz Yemen, which is considered one of the largest squares in Yemen claim the departure of the Yemeni president four months ago the so-called peaceful revolution in Yemen.

The peaceful revolution in Yemen prevent citizens from using violence against military forces but also provide them with roses while the soldiers continue to kill .. Massacres against humanity occurring in Yemen, but she knows the meaning of human peaceful order in the finest pictures.

The embattled regime of President Ali Abdullah Saleh in Yemen stepped up its campaign of repression Monday and Tuesday, resulting in the deaths of dozens of protesters and civilians: here.

9 thoughts on “Yemen dictator keeps killing his own people

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