Killing of Afghan civilians continues

This video is called Afghan Nato raid ‘kills civilians’ – 20 Nov 09.

The US-led NATO command in Afghanistan brushed aside President Hamid Karzai’s demand for a halt to air strikes and night raids on Afghan homes after an attack that killed 14 civilians: here.

The Afghan war and Australia: here.

Bill Moyers Interviews Andrew Bacevich. Bill Moyers, The New Press: “Our finest warriors are often our most reluctant warmongers. They have seen firsthand the toll war exacts. They know better than anyone that force can be like a lobster trap that closes with each stage of descent, making escape impossible. So it was when the liberal consensus lured America into Vietnam during the ’60s, and again after 9/11, when neoconservatives clamored for the invasion of Iraq…. One old warrior looked on sadly, his understanding of combat’s reality tempered by twenty-three years in uniform, including service in Vietnam…. Bacevich supported Barack Obama’s candidacy but believes that Obama’s commitment of more troops to Afghanistan was a deadly mistake”: here.

1 thought on “Killing of Afghan civilians continues

  1. Afghanistan judge whips man for drinking alcohol

    Big News (ANI) Thursday 2nd June, 2011

    A man in Afghanistan was publicly whipped by a judge as punishment for drinking alcohol.

    The lashing was carried out inside a courtroom in Jalalabad last week, the BBC reports.

    The Afghan Human Rights Commission has expressed concern about the incident.

    According to the report, most punishments of this nature are carried out by the Taliban.

    Such punishments are legal under the Afghan constitution but are rarely implemented. (ANI)


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