Scottish peace activists block nuclear military base

This video from Scotland in 2007 is called Greenpeace blockade Trident submarine at Faslane.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain today:

Trident Ploughshares and Faslane Peace Camp united today to blockade Faslane, shutting down the Trident submarine base for two hours.

Just four days after the Scottish elections the activists called for the anti-Trident SNP government to fulfil its commitments and demand immediate disarmament of Trident and a global ban on nuclear weapons.

Britain: The campaign For Nuclear Disarmament has condemned reports that ministers will give the go-ahead for the next phase of Trident replacement this week, amid estimates that the cost of replacement is to double: here.

Defence Secretary Liam Fox dodged accusations in the Commons today that he is hiding the true cost of plunging ahead with replacement of Trident nuclear weapons, writes Roger Bagley in Parliament: here.

Peace campaigners accused the government today of squandering vast sums of money on “trophy” systems like Trident after MPs criticised military spending cut backs: here.

“The decision to renew Trident needs to be urgently reviewed,” says Labour MP Katy Clark on the Staggers blog: here.

The commander of a nuclear-powered submarine which ran aground last year claimed on Twitter today that he would not face charges – but the Ministry of Defence (MoD) said that no decision had yet been made: here.

The world’s nuclear powers show no evidence of contemplating disarmament, with many states planning to spend more on weapons, new research revealed today: here.

10 thoughts on “Scottish peace activists block nuclear military base

  1. Top Holyrood Tory stepping down

    SCOTLAND: The leader of the Scottish Conservatives is to step down following the “seismic” Holyrood election results.

    Annabel Goldie said on Monday she would stay on until a likely election to find a new leader later this year.

    Miss Goldie is the third party leader to quit after the unprecedented SNP victory last week.

    The Scottish Tories were reduced from 17 to 15 seats at the election, losing one held by former leader David McLetchie in Edinburgh to the SNP and another to
    Labour in East Renfrewshire.


    Nuclear industry seeing windfall

    ENERGY: Nuclear companies will make £50 million a year extra for the next two decades thanks to Chancellor George Osborne’s Budget, the government boasted today.

    Ministers announced changes in a bid to cut the amount of polluting fuel used to generate electricity.

    They will lead to higher prices and a cash windfall for energy firms.


  2. Cutbacks a security risk to MoD nukes

    MILITARY: Politicians are calling for answers from the Ministry of Defence after documents revealed fears over safety at Faslane as a result of spending cuts.

    The report by the Defence Nuclear Environment Safety Board, released under Freedom of Information to the Sunday Post newspaper, warns of the difficulty of maintaining staff and public and environmental safety in the face of continuing defence cuts.


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