Fukushima nuclear disaster continues

This 2012 video from Japan is called Photographing the Nuclear Disaster in Fukushima.

The Fukushima nuclear crisis has already run for three weeks with no end in sight. Nuclear experts warn that it may go on for years: here.

Fukushima update: did nuclear chain reactions continue after shut-down? Here.

Fukushima update: more radiation data errors: here.

Three weeks after the disaster struck, serious doubts continue to surround the precise state of the nuclear plant and the levels of contamination in the surrounding areas: here.

J. Sri Raman, Truthout: “For me, as for many others who knew her even slightly, the first thing that the news of Japan’s nuclear disaster did was bring back memories of Satomi Oba. The gentle and brave antinuclear activist gave decades of her life to alert the Japanese against just such a deadly danger and to avert it before dying of a brain hemorrhage at age 54 on February 24, 2005”: here.

5 thoughts on “Fukushima nuclear disaster continues

  1. Reactor shut down after leak found

    CZECH REPUBLIC: A Czech nuclear power plant is shutting down one of its four reactors due to a pipe leaking irradiated water.

    A spokesman for the Dukovany nuclear plant said the problem occurred on a pipe that vents air from a water system located inside the reactor’s containment structure.

    He claimed that the water could not get out of the containment structure and the malfunction posed no threat.



  2. Hi all,

    PLS watch following news video.

    “Bleak condition of Fukushima workers blocks to solve the nuclear accident”


    After your watching, PLS expand this news to all over the world. Because Japanese government and TEPCO DO NOT understand that improvement of worker’s environment is necessary . Japanese gov ,TEPCO and even Japanese need some pressure from foreign countries.



  3. Re #4: hi lazyhorse, the earthquake and nuclear disasters in Japan are horrible enough without loony conspiracy theories.

    Earthquakes can be explained by geology. And nuclear disasters can be explained by the criminal behaviour of governments, corporations like TEPCO, General Electric, the international nuclear lobby, etc.

    Supposing earthquakes are caused by some secret conspiracy is just a bit too … erm … lazy.


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