Crackdown on Omani democrats

This 4 March 2011 video is called Oman protesters call for reform.

From Al Arabiya:

Security forces say arrested “wanted people”

Omani army ends pro-reform sit-in

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

MUSCAT (Agencies)

The Omani army stormed on Tuesday the Earth roundabout in Sohar removing a small group of pro-reform protesters and ending a month-old sit-in, witnesses said.

Army troops attacked the central area of the northern industrial town at dawn, witnesses said, adding that less than 20 demonstrators were on the roundabout.

ONA state news agency said security forces arrested some “wanted people in Sohar” for “blocking roads and attacking security men”.

The spot had become central for Omani anti-corruption protests after one demonstrator was killed by security forces at a nearby police station at the end of February.

Around 300 demonstrators have since been gathering in the evenings at Earth roundabout, demanding jobs, better pay and an end to alleged corruption. …

Protests broke out in the placid Gulf state as a wave of pro-democracy uprisings hit many Arab states and forced the ouster of the veteran presidents of Tunisia and Egypt. …

Private sector workers make up around 19 per cent of workers in Oman. They say they are excluded from benefits the sultan has been using to coax Omanis off the streets, as workers at public and private companies continue to stage sit-ins and strikes over wages, including at two oil refineries last Sunday. …

At present, only the sultan and his cabinet can make laws. No further information has been given as to when powers would be transferred.

Women’s names continue to surface as leaders amid Yemen unrest.

Saudi women vote ban stays in place for municipal elections: here.

19 thoughts on “Crackdown on Omani democrats

  1. Labour leader will run for president

    EGYPT: Labour Party secretary-general Magdy Ahmed Hussein announced his intention on Monday to run for the presidency.

    Mr Hussein, a journalist, was repeatedly jailed by the former US-backed Mubarak government for exposing high-level corruption and entering blockaded Gaza in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

    At a press conference the left-leaning Islamist said: “We’re facing a duty of taking Egypt out of the disastrous situation caused by Mubarak to its normal status as an honourable nation among other nations.”


    Committee hears reform proposals

    MOROCCO: Political parties and trade unions presented proposals to a consultative committee on Monday as part of a constitutional reform process initiated by King Mohammed VI in the wake of civil rights protests.

    The committee, headed by an advisor to the monarch, aims to build a mechanism for co-ordination with all political forces to “finalise an in-depth democratic and constitutional review.”

    The Unified Socialist Party has condemned the royal reform process and is demanding that rewriting the constitution be assigned to an elected constituent assembly rather than committees appointed by the king.


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