Omani jailed for blogging

This video says about itself:

“Olympic Dreams” – Omani Human Rights Defender – Habiba Al-Hinai

Animation of Omani human rights defender Habiba Al-Hinai for the Front Line Defenders Olympics 2012

Habiba Al-Hinai is a leading woman human rights defender in Oman, who is currently facing trial for her human rights work. Omani authorities continue to take action against human rights defenders, using imprisonment and public defamation as a means of intimidation.

From the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (Cairo, Egypt):

OmanImprisoning of a Blogger for a Year and Adjournment of the Sentences for Five Other Activists

20 September 2012

Press release

Cairo — ANHRI condemns the sentences issued by the Musqat Preliminary Court in its hearing held on Sunday September 16, 2012 of imprisoning the blogger “Mokhtar bin Mohamed El-Hana’y”. The court imprisoned him for a year and ordered him to pay a fine of “1000 RO”, due to accusations of insulting the Sultan and violations of the information technology law. Moreover, the court adjourned hearing of the verdicts for five other activists to October 14, 2012.

Masquet preliminary court, in its hearing on Sunday September 16, 2012 to review the case known as “insulting the sultan and violating the information technology law”, has issued its sentence of imprisoning the blogger and journalist of “Al-Zaman” news paper, “Mokhtar bin Mohamed El-Hana’y” for a year and paying a fine of 1000 RO (2600 USD) due to accusations of insulting the Sultan and violating the information technology law. Furthermore, the court has adjourned the hearing of the sentence for 5 other activists to the hearing of October 14, 2012. The said activists are Khalfan E-Bedaway, Khaled El-Nofely, Sultan El-Saidy, Haythm Malkey and Mohamed El-Fazary.

In a related context, the court adjourned reviewing the appeal of the said sentences, issued against “Hamoud Al-Rashidi, Mahmoud Rawahi, Mohammed Al-Habsi, Ali Almkabbala, Mona Hardan, Taleb Al-Abri and Bassam Abu-qaseda”, to the hearing of October 24, 2012. The court has issued in last July sentences ranging from a year and a year and half imprisonment, releasing them by a bond until the date of the appeal.

ANHRI said that “the sentences issued against the activists are deemed to be politicized sentences in which the government seeks to silence the voices and oppositions which called for reforms. The sentences also are deemed to be a punishment to them due to their human rights activity and call for political and social reform in the country. The said sentences comes in the series of the sentences issued in the last months against the activists and the bloggers due to their participation in the demonstrations that took place in the country during last May, after arresting some activists during the workers’ strike that took place in the “Fhood oil field”.

ANHRI calls on the Omani authorities to immediately release the activists and drop all the false charges pressed against them. ANHRI calls for guaranteeing their safety and stopping prosecuting them, in particular they did not commit any crime but to peacefully express their opinions.</blockquote Will oil price drop weaken Qaboos? It will be a challenge for the government to keep its commitments to Omanis while sliding oil prices hinder its ability to increase government services in times of unrest, a crucial lifeline for the monarchy since the Arab Spring: here.

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