Death penalty for whistleblower Bradley Manning?

This video from the USA says about itself:

A British judge ruled … that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange can be extradited to Sweden to face questioning on allegations of sexual crimes. Assange plans to appeal within 10 days. His defense team had argued against the extradition, in part by citing the potential he could wind up being extradited to the United States and prosecuted for publishing classified government documents, a crime that could result in the death penalty. We speak to constitutional law attorney and legal blogger Glenn Greenwald about the Assange case, allegations of torture by the U.S. Army to alleged whistleblower Army Private Bradley Manning, and a recently disclosed plot by three private intelligence firms to target WikiLeaks and its supporters, including Greenwald, who has publicly defended the organization. [includes rush transcript]

The United States Army late Wednesday notified Private First Class Bradley Manning, whom it suspects of being WikiLeaks‘ source for thousands of classified military reports and embassy cables, that it was filing an additional 22 charges against him. The new charges in Manning’s court martial process include “aiding the enemy,” a capital offense: here. And here.

Bradley Manning Faces 22 New Charges, Including “Aiding the Enemy.” Glenn Greenwald asks “Who is the Enemy?” Here.

This is what US “civilisation” looks like: Bradley Manning forced to sleep naked: here.

3 thoughts on “Death penalty for whistleblower Bradley Manning?

  1. These new charges put the death penalty on the table now. Couldn�t have happened to a nicer guy although the bleeding hearts may not let that happen.


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