Egyptian dictatorship in trouble

This video is called Egyptian Revolution: Democracy Cannot Wait.

Tens of thousands of anti-Mubarak protesters gathered outside Egypt’s parliament yesterday, bringing business to a halt, just several hundred yards from the continuing mass protest by hundreds of thousands in Tahrir Square. At least three people have been killed and 100 others injured in clashes between police and anti-Mubarak protesters in south Egypt over the past two days: here.

Cairo, Egypt: Doctors and medical students to march Thursday, toward Tahrir at 11 am.

Cinema actors and actresses have issued a statement in support of the revolution and will be staging a march today Thursday 12 pm in solidarity from their syndicate headquarters to Tahrir Square: here.

Egyptian army has detained 100s, maybe 1000s, of anti-Mubarak protestors. Evidence of torture & beatings: here.

Sleep deprivation and electric shocks are among the torture techniques used by the Egyptian political police trained by the United States FBI: here.

Cheney calls Mubarak good friend to US: here.

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