Birds of Oued Souss, Morocco

17 December 2010.

Today, after yesterday, our third full day in Inezgane near Agadir, Morocco.

Cattle egrets flying over Inezgane in the morning.

This is a cattle egret video from Scotland.

Lots of apartment houses in Inezgane and elsewhere in Morocco (and in, eg, Turkey) have lots of satellite TV dishes. Many immigrants from Morocco in western Europe have satellite dishes as well. Xenophobes hate that, claiming that the immigrants have those dishes because they supposedly hate west European society and its media (never mind that those xenophobes usually hate their own country’s TV as well, for being supposedly “Leftist”). The xenophobes claim these satellite dishes are also a sign of supposed “Islamic fundamentalism” (rubbish, as most really ultra orthodox Muslims, like ultra orthodox Christians, see TV as “satanic”). The satellite dishes in Morocco prove, for the umpteenth time, the foolishness of xenophobia. Are the dishes in Morocco, supposedly, a sign of Moroccans hating Morocco; or hating Islam?

Like on our first day, we go to the Oued Souss delta.

Greenfinch sound.

On the sandbanks, grey herons, little egrets, and fourteen spoonbills.

A black-winged stilt and a curlew.

Again, Dorcas gazelle on the other side of the river, like two days ago. Four animals.

A great grey shrike in a tree.

To the left of the shrike in the same tree, a greenfinch.

A chiffchaff.

A black-tailed godwit on a sandbank.

Serin. Collared dove.

Common sandpipers.

A kestrel.

A Sardinian warbler.

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