Bohemian waxwings still present

This is a video of a Bohemian waxwing on Vlieland island in the Netherlands last year.

Yesterday, I blogged about the Bohemian waxwings.

This morning, I went again to the old university library.

Nine waxwings on the big tree near the canal, one in the smaller tree next to it. The bird in the smaller tree soon joined the others.

A blue tit underneath the waxwings.

Three waxwings flew to the old library garden ten meter away to eat taxus berries.

Now, 11 waxwings in the big tree, two in the small tree. Then, all thirteen of them fly away. Leaving just two siskins in the small tree.

Where have the waxwings gone? To the botanical garden?

Though there are taxus and other berries in the botanical garden, I do not find the waxwings. So, I am leaving. Then, a small flock of six waxwings, flying above the entrance gate.

A bit later, someone saw two waxwings near the old library.

Still later, eight waxwings a bit more to the west.

October 2010. The Scottish Wildlife Trust and the RSPB have both reported the highest number of geese ever recorded in Montrose Bay and the Inner Hebridean island of Islay. Around 65,000 Pink Footed Geese have arrived at the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Montrose Basin (15,000 more than last year), while nearly 29,000 Barnacle Geese and Greenland White Fronted Geese have been spotted at the RSPB Loch Gruinart on Islay: here.

Do birds rehearse their songs? Here.

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