Beautiful caterpillar on Vlieland island

This video is about a caterpillar of the Acronicta aceris moth species.

Warden Anke Bruin reports that an Acronicta aceris, or sycamore moth, caterpillar was recently found on wood on Vlieland island in the Netherlands.

Young birds news from Vlieland island

This video is about a little tern with chicks.

Warden Anke Bruin reports today from Vlieland island in the Netherlands.

In the west of the island there are 21 little tern couples; including 13 couples with chicks. Also two ringed plover couples.

A bit more to the east: three Kentish plover couples.

In the south-west of the island: 52 common tern and 12 Arctic tern couples; some already with chicks.

Little tern chicks on Vlieland island, video

Adult little terns are fairly small. However, as this 4 July 2015 video from the Vliehors, the western part of Vlieland island in the Netherlands shows, their chicks are still a lot smaller.

Bittern searches food for its chicks, video

This 13 June 2015 video shows a bittern, searching food for its chicks.

Warden Carl Zuhorn recorded this video on Vlieland island, where a bittern couple is nesting this year for the second year in a row.

Orchid flowers of Vlieland island, Europe’s earliest

Lesser Twayblade orchid, Neottia cordata

This is a photo of a Lesser wayblade orchid, Neottia cordata, from the Isle of Man.

Translated from the Dutch botanists of Werkgroep Europese Orchideeën:

Sunday, April 26th, 2015

Last weekend, two members of the Working Group on European Orchids (WEO) found on Vlieland the first flowering specimens of the Neottia cordata orchid. After a literature review it turned out that nowhere in Europe the species blooms as early as on the Dutch Wadden Sea islands Vlieland and Terschelling.

Sea holly flowering on Vlieland: here; on Texe: here.

Red fox eats hazelnuts, video

This is a video about a red fox feeding on hazelnuts in Oostvaardersplassen national park in the Netherlands.

Walter Debloudts made the video.

Red fox on Vlieland island: here.

Rare lichen discovery on Vlieland island

This video says about itself:

Lichen are one of the most undervalued organisms on the face of the planet. Watch this video to find out why.

Warden Anke Bruin from Vlieland island in the Netherlands reports about the discovery of a rare lichen on two sand dune spots in July this year.

It is Cladonia verticillata. This species had never been seen before on the Dutch Wadden Sea islands.