BP oil still killing birds

This video from the USA is called BP Oil Spill Footage, Save the Birds.

From the National Audubon Society in the USA:

Oil and Birds: Too Close for Comfort

Louisiana’s Coast Six Months into the BP Disaster

Almost six months after oil from BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster began pouring into the water, the National Audubon Society sent a team of scientists back to the Louisiana Gulf Coast to explore one fundamental question: How safe is it for the birds? For the birds that remained to complete their nesting duties? For the birds that stopped to feed on their migrations farther south? For the birds massing on their traditional wintering grounds? For the birds that will return in a few short months to attempt once again to bring new life to the coast?

What did the scientists see? They saw birds and they saw oil. And too often they saw them together.

The Obama administration has lifted the moratorium on deepwater oil drilling six weeks ahead of schedule: here.

End of drilling ban spurs controversy: here.

Long Awaited Info from BP Suggests Comp. Still Lacks Critical Safety Documents for BP Atlantis: here.

There is still oil washing up all over Louisiana: here.

San Francisco: Gulls Dying At Alarming Rate, Nearby Rendering Plant Blamed: here.

New book by Dyan deNapoli chronicles bittersweet “Great Penguin Rescue” during 2000 Treasure spill in So. Africa: here.

5 thoughts on “BP oil still killing birds

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