BP oil still polluting

This video from the USA says about itself:

BP Oil Disaster, oil in the marsh.

Boat trip into Barataria Bay, September 6, 2010.

The claims of BP and the government that the oil spill is gone are simply lies: here.

Massive dead zone may be intensified by Gulf oil spill: here.

Dearth of research vessels hampers oil-spill science: here.

5 thoughts on “BP oil still polluting

  1. Fuel spill after tanker collision

    The Netherlands: A Greek tanker collided with a container ship 20 miles off the Dutch coast today and leaked jet fuel into the North Sea for a short period.

    The crew of the Mindoro was able to pump the remaining fuel into an undamaged part of the ship and stopped the leak according to a Coast Guard spokesman.

    He said it was unclear how much jet fuel had spilled into the sea, but offshore winds were blowing the slick away from the coast.



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