Gulf coast jellyfish, turtles dying

This video series is about the BP oil spill.

From Associated Press:

Dead jellyfish washing ashore along Miss. coast


GULFPORT, Miss. — The head of the National Wildlife Federation says he has seen a huge number of dead jellyfish along the beach on an island at the southern end of the Mississippi.

Larry Schweiger says his team will go back out Monday to take tissue samples to see if the oil spill caused their deaths.

Schweiger says it’s not uncommon to see jellyfish floating dead during high winds, but the number of dead found so far is beyond normal.

At least 20 sea turtles have been found dead over the weekend along a 30-mile stretch of Mississippi beaches but wildlife officials can’t say with certainty the turtles died as a result of the oil spill. They won’t know more until necropsies are performed on Monday.

How You Can Help Wildlife Impacted by the Louisiana Oil Spill: here .

[US Republican Rush] Limbaugh says to leave oil slick alone: ‘it’s as natural as the ocean water is’: here.

Social Media and the Spill: here.

Freshwater jellyfish blooms cause sensation in some North American lakes: here.

1 thought on “Gulf coast jellyfish, turtles dying

  1. Dear Friend,

    Sea turtles going blind. Dolphins poisoning their young with their own milk. It’s shocking, but these are the very real effects of an oil spill like the one off the Mississippi Delta.

    This is one of the worst environmental disasters in our nation’s history — and it could wipe out entire generations of wildlife. Some of these species may never recover.

    Please help now with a donation of any amount.

    The toxic slick oozing continuously into the Mississippi Delta and onto shore is a serious threat to 400 species of wildlife — many of them endangered or threatened AND still recovering from Hurricane Katrina. National Wildlife Federation is on the front lines of this crisis trying to safeguard animals and protect their habitat even as the suffocating oil continues to pour into the Gulf Coast.

    Wildlife like the embattled brown pelican — removed from the endangered species list only last year — now face a new and serious threat. This is nesting season and dozens of species — including the brown pelican — are arriving now to have their babies here. That means entire generations of wildlife could be
    lost forever.

    Oil literally suffocates everything in its path — blocking plants and animals from vital air and sunlight.

    Help now before it’s too late! Your gift will go right to work helping imperiled wildlife here and across
    the country.

    Thank you for your support during this
    unprecedented crisis.


    Larry Schweiger


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