4 thoughts on “US Greens in March 20 Afghanistan peace march

  1. Meet you in DC March 20 & 21 – Saturday, Anti War March & Sunday, Immigrant Rights Rally

    Travel with or meet up with the International Action Center in Washington DC this weekend. Bus Tickets and vans seats are still available. BUSES return on Sat evening. Vans and cars from many cities are staying for both demonstrations. Call for more information.

    The International Action Center will be traveling to DC this weekend with activists from Bailout the People Movement, BAYAN, FIST-Fight Imperialism Stand Together, Peoples Organization for Progress, May 1 Coalition for Workers and Immigrant rights, Women’s Fight Back Network, Free Mumia Coalition and many others in cars, vans and buses.

    Saturday, MARCH 20

    On March 20 a Peoples Fight back Contingent will focus on linking the war and racism at home and the wars abroad., The endless wars and expanding U.S. occupations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Haiti, Honduras and the billions to Israel to make war on the Palestinian people mean expanding war and racism against poor and working people in the U.S., demonization of Arab and Muslim peoples, attacks and deportation of immigrant workers and devastating cuts in all essential programs.

    The march gathers at noon at Lafayette Park across from the White House.

    Look for our signs and banners at 16th and H Streets and at 16th Street and Pennsylvania Ave. Ask about the IAC special internship program. Help distribute placards, carry banners and pass out flyers for the United May 1 Rally in Union Square , NYC to demand full legalization all immigrant workers and Jobs for all, not war.


    On Sunday, March 21 the International Action Center and Bail Out the People Movement will be working with the May1 Workers and Immigrant Rights Coalition to raise the urgent demand for immediate and full legalization of all immigrant workers. Building solidarity with the most oppressed workers is an essential way to strengthen the movement against war and racism in the U.S. today.

    We will help to distribute thousands of cards announcing the Saturday, MAY 1 Workers and Immigrant Rights March gathering at Union Square in NYC. For the past 5 years tens of thousands of immigrant workers have gathered each year at Union Square in NYC on May Day. This year the United May Day Coalition is comprised of over 100 organizations.

    To endorse, support or find out more about MAY DAY in Union Square go to: http://www.may1.info

    The Sunday, March 21 Immigrant Rights Rally will gather on the Mall starting at 7th St and flowing back to 14th St.

    Look for the May 1 Coalitions signs, banners and canopies between 9th and 10th St and Jefferson. We will set up starting at 11 am.

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