NATO war planes kill Afghan civilians

This video from the USA is called Rethink Afghanistan War (Part 3): Cost of War.

From ATTACKERMAN blog in the USA:

Five Civilian Deaths From An Airstrike Now?

By: Spencer Ackerman Monday February 15, 2010 1:21 pm

As if this weekend’s accidental deaths in Helmand from an artillery mistake weren’t bad enough, now an ISAF statement acknowledges civilian deaths in Kandahar (unrelated to the current Marja operation) caused by — wait for it — an airstrike, the uses of which have been significantly curtailed. The full release:

“An ISAF airstrike against suspected insurgents accidentally killed five and wounded two civilians in the Zhari district of Kandahar province today. This event was not part of Operation Moshtarak.

A joint Afghan-ISAF patrol observed the individuals digging along a path, and believed that the individuals were emplacing an IED. The joint patrol called for an airstrike. Following the strike, the Afghan-ISAF patrol approached the scene and determined the individuals had not been emplacing an IED.”

Respectfully: if the joint patrol saw the IED emplacement-that-wasn’t, why did they call in an airstrike instead of pursuing on the ground and figuring out what happened?

After first claiming the death of the 12 civilians was ‘accidental’, NATO now claims it was not accidental.

An Afghan human rights group has calculated that at least 19 civilians have been killed in Marjah since 15,000 Western and Afghan soldiers launched an assault on the town in Helmand at the weekend: here.

The German government has now reclassified its military mission in Afghanistan as intervening in a civil war or, as they say in legal jargon, a “non-international armed conflict.” The recasting of the mission has far-reaching legal consequences: here.

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