Britain’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

With the Afghan death toll mounting, Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Foreign Secretary David Miliband have tried desperately to regain support for a war which three-quarters of the British population now oppose: here.

This video says about itself:

ANTI-WAR protesters including veteran actor David Hayman demanded the withdrawal of British troops from Afghanistan yesterday but were moved on from demonstrating outside the US consulate in Edinburgh.

The Scottish Afghan society and Stop the War Coalition staged a protest but were blocked by police and had to stage their press conference further along the street after barriers were put up in front of the consulate general.

Chair of the Scottish Afghan society Mohammad Asif said: We are here to voice our anger at the American authorities. We are here to tell them what is happening in Afghanistan should stop and it should stop today.

The Brown government has ruled out a public inquiry into fresh allegations of abuse by British soldiers in Iraq: here.

Leaked documents reveal No 10 cover-up over Iraq invasion: here.

Bush wanted to invade Iraq even before he was elected: here.

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