Over 2,500 Afghan election fraud reports

This video says about itself:

Afghanistan After Democracy

This documentary is the result of my trips to Afghanistan in 2005 and 2006, exposing the fraud “democracy” and the pain the uranium munitions have brought to Afghan people.

From AGI News in Italy:


Kabul, 31 Aug. – Waiting for an update of the results of the presidential elections on August 20 expected today, accusations of fraud are spreading in Afghanistan. According to a spokesman of the Independent Electoral Committee, Ahmad Muslim Khuram, 2.564 reports have been presented, of which 2.097 the day after the vote and the rest before the elections.

Not included in this 2,564 figure: fraud cases that never reached the Independent Electoral Committee, because: 1) report authors were unable to reach the committee because of problematic communications in Afghanistan 2) witnesses of fraud were analphabetes, like many Afghans. So they were unable to write reports 3) witnesses of fraud were afraid that if they would report, they would become victims of revenge. 4) witnesses of fraud suspected reporting the fraud probably would not change anything. 5) cases of fraud in which there were no witnesses present. Etc.

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