200 British soldiers died in Afghanistan

This video from the USA is called Stop the Afghan War.

From Al Jazeera:

UK marks 200 deaths in Afghanistan

Britain has suffered its 200th military death in the war in Afghanistan, when a soldier injured by a roadside explosion died in a hospital in central England.

The soldier, who died on Saturday, was wounded in Helmand province, in southern Afghanistan, on August 13, the defence ministry said. …

British troop numbers in Afghanistan are currently at their highest level, with 9,150 soldiers stationed in the country.

From the Stop the War Coalition in Britain:

200 British soldiers killed. No one’s counting the thousands of Afghan deaths.

Also from the Stop the War Coalition:

To commemorate all the soldiers who have died, Stop the War will hold a Naming of the Dead ceremony at The Cenotaph in Whitehall at 12 noon on Monday 17 August, when we will read out all 200 names, together with the names of Afghan civilians representing the tens of thousands who have died so needlessly.

Families of soldiers killed in Afghanistan have accused the government of “ignoring the blood on its hands” as the death toll passed 200.

Just after the latest deaths of British soldiers were announced, Stop the War received a message from Clare Glenton, the wife of Lance Corporal Joe Glenton, who is facing court martial for speaking out against the Afghan War and for refusing to return to Afghanistan.

Almost 100 British soldiers wounded in Afghanistan in just one month as two more victims are named: here.

Hapless Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth has claimed that the bloody Afghan war is “winnable” as figures emerged showing a sharp increase in the carnage.

Peace campaigners have held moving vigils in London and Cardiff as the British death toll in Afghanistan rose to 204.

The furious mother of the 200th soldier to be killed in Afghanistan has attacked “clueless” Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth, accusing politicians of “short-changing” the troops they have sent to die in Afghanistan.

Solider’s mum: ‘Gordon Brown has blood on his hands’: here.

A warlord accused of slaughtering 2,000 Taliban POWs has returned to Afghanistan to campaign for Western-backed President Hamid Karzai in the run-up to Thursday’s elections. See also here.

Britain: A legal action charity is to sue the government for acting like “Mafia kidnappers” and refusing to reveal the identity of two men secretly detained at a US base in Afghanistan: here.

Afghan election fraud is unearthed: here.

Afghanistan: August Set to Become Deadliest Month for American Troops Since Invasion as 44th Death Confirmed by Military: here.

3 thoughts on “200 British soldiers died in Afghanistan

  1. US soldier killed in Afghanistan

    Afghanistan: NATO has revealed that guerillas have killed a US soldier in eastern Afghanistan, the same day that three British soldiers were killed in an explosion in the south.

    Nearly 40 occupation troops have lost their lives in Afghanistan this month, according to the icasualties.org website, which tracks the tolls from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.



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