Brazilian corporation insults unemployed workers

This video says about itself:

“Catadores” is a documentary, which tackles the issue of unemployment, a fundamental problem in Brazil. The underlying storyline points to the environmental importance of recycling and the urgent need for a greater environmental awareness in Brazil today.

The film portrays the lives of thousands of people who try and secure their economic survival through independent cooperatives, which collect and sell garbage for recycling. There are no pre-requisites for becoming a garbage collector; all kinds of people from heads of households, alcoholics, beggars and children- collect garbage in order to survive. Brazil, 2003 Directed by Eduardo Chamon 15 min. Brazilian Portuguese with English subtitles.

From Associated Press:

Passwords for Brazilian jobless site insult users

Jobless people seeking benefits info forced to type ‘bum’ and ‘shameless’

July 20, 2009


It’s a shameless thing to do in an economic crisis.

Jobless people seeking information about their benefits on the Brazilian Labor Ministry’s Web site were forced to type in passwords such as “bum” and “shameless.”

Labor Minister Carlos Lupi is apologizing for the situation — and he blames a private company that created the site’s security system.

Lupi isn’t naming the company, but says its contract with the ministry wasn’t being renewed, which may have prompted the pranks.

The insults were discovered after an irate user wrote to the O Globo newspaper about it. The site was temporarily taken down. But by late last week, it was up and running — without the insulting words.

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