British occupiers’ murders of Iraqis

This British TV video says about itself:

Dispatches, Channel 4’s flagship current affairs strand, exposes the full and unreported horror of the Iraqi conflict and its aftermath, revealing the true scale of civilian casualties; and allegations that after the scandal of Abu Ghraib, American soldiers continued to abuse prisoners; and that US forces did not systematically intervene in the torture and murder of detainees by the Iraqi security services. The programme also features previously unreported material of insurgents being killed while trying to surrender.

From British daily News Line:


Defence Secretary Ainsworth yesterday conceded in High Court proceedings that there must be an investigation into whether UK soldiers murdered a number of Iraqis in a detention facility in SE Iraq on May 14/15 2004, and tortured another nine survivors.

On May 14 2004, there was a major firefight at a checkpoint near Amara in Maysan Province. It was the UK government’s case that following this battle, 20 dead Iraqis were taken to a UK military facility known as Camp Abu Naji (CAN) and another nine Iraqis were captured and taken to the same facility.

See also here. And here.

British collusion in torture in Pakistan: MI5 accused of bribe offer in Rangzieb Ahmed torture case. See also here.

An MP has used parliamentary privilege to accuse the British intelligence service of “outsourcing torture”: here.

Ministers’ admission links MI5 and MI6 to ‘torture victim’: here.

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