Bialowieza, second late morning and afternoon

Bialowieza, 18 May. Later in the morning than described in the earlier blog entry, a common rosefinch in a tree. A species which is rare in the Netherlands: here.

A lesser spotted eagle circling in the sky.

On the opposite side of the road, a whinchat and a whitethroat.

We pass an abandoned beaver home. A yellowhammer.

We arrive at Stara Bialowieza. Here are a few score of ancient oaks, named after Lithuanian dukes and Polish kings who used to rule Bialowieza.

We hear a golden oriole singing.

A squirrel.

Prunella flowers.

We arrive at a beaver dam. A piece of birch wood with a beaver‘s tooth marks on it.

A black stork flying.

A bit further, a dead beaver and yellow water-lilies in the river.

Roe deer footprints on the bicycle track.

To the bridge over another river. Marsh harrier flying around. Pied wagtail.

Common rosefinch, wood warbler and cuckoo sounds.

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