Amphibians of Bialowieza, Poland

There are 18 amphibian species in Poland.

Of these, 12 species occur in Bialowieza national park. Narew national park has about the same amphibian species.

Sometimes, cars or bicycles kill them on roads.

The species are: great crested newt (see also this video, and this one). Common newt.

Natterjack toad. Common toad. Green toad. European fire-bellied toad. Common spadefoot toad.

Common tree frog. Pool frog. Common frog. Moor frog. Marsh frog.

16 amphibian species in the Netherlands: here.

Giant Fire-Bellied Toad’s Brain Brims With Powerful Germ-Fighters – RedOrbit: here.

Intensive [common] frog farming takes giant leap forward: here.

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