Economic crisis news update

This video from Iceland says about itself:

Icelandic members of parliament on the run from angry crowd 1 October 2010

The economic crisis continues.

Britain: BROWN’S 2.5% VAT CUT – borrowing to be increased by £150bn: here. See also here.

British Chancellor Alistair Darling condemned himself out of his own mouth when he said that the central objective of his unambitious pre-budget report was to support firms and businesses going through difficult times: here.

Brown and Darling saving the bosses by savaging the workers: here.

‘NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO PUNISH PARENTS’ – One Parent Families/Gingerbread warns: here.

BILLIONS FOR BOSSES AND BANKERS – while its the sack and wage cuts for workers: here.

Britain: New round of job losses announced as part of global cutbacks: here.

German media, political parties debate Opel rescue package: here.

US: University presidents’ pay rises to record levels: here.

Bailed-out companies AIG, Citibank have no plans to cancel expensive sports sponsorships: here.

The Crash of 2008 and Historical Materialism, by John Case: here.

Joseph Stiglitz: World Economic Crisis, a Difficult and Long Way Out: here.

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