Economic crisis update

This video from the USA says about itself:

Thursday, September 25th, no bailout action on Wall Street, NYC.

The economic crisis continues.

France: Hundreds of thousands strike and march against education cuts: here. And here.

From British daily News Line:

British Banks have been recapitalised by the working class, who were not consulted by the government before the Prime Minister took the decision to hand over tens of billions of pounds to institutions that had bankrupted themselves by treating trillions of pounds of iou’s as cash.

The banks have responded to the bail-out by repossessing 11,300 homes in the last three months and by refusing to lend their wads of cash to small businesses or mortgage seekers. Meanwhile there are 168,000 homeowners in arrears with repossession just around the corner, by the same banks that the government has just rescued with our money.

They have said thank you to the government for the billions of pounds in rescue money, ripped off from the working class and just shut up shop.

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