5 thoughts on “Japanese communism growing

  1. Sacked Japan air force head defends WWII actions

    Tuesday 02nd December, 05:15 AM JST

    TOKYO —

    A Japanese general who was fired as head of the air force for suggesting Japan deserves credit, not blame, for its World War II actions stood by his claim Monday.

    Air Force Chief of Staff Gen Toshio Tamogami was dismissed a month ago for writing an essay that said Asia benefited from imperial Japan’s activities before and during the war.

    Tamogami defended that position Monday, saying Japan has been unjustly subjected to what he called “the history of the victor.”

    He said he decided to write the essay because he believes Japan has been wrongly blamed for being an aggressor in World War II, and that it cannot have a healthy relationship with its neighbors or assume a more active role on the global stage until that view of history is corrected.

    “I have to say that Japan was not alone in being an aggressor,” he told a news conference. “If you look at what the major world powers were doing at the time, I think Japan was gentler.”

    In dismissing Tamogami on Oct 31, Japan’s defense minister said the general’s views were incompatible with Japan’s official policies.

    The publication of the essay, titled “Was Japan an Aggressor Nation?” generated front-page headlines and debate in parliament over whether military leaders are out of step with Japan’s postwar pacifist constitution.

    Japan is often criticized by China and South Korea for not being contrite about its past and for trying to whitewash its often brutal militarist march into Asia.

    But Tamogami said Japan must stand up to such criticism and should be proud of its history. In particular, he said Japan deserves praise for building universities in Taiwan and Korea during the colonial period and for allowing colonial subjects to study at its military academies.

    Japan renounced its right to wage war in its 1947 U.S.-drafted constitution, and Tokyo has repeatedly expressed remorse to its neighbors for its colonial rule and wartime aggression. But Japan has struggled to convince Asian critics of its sincerity because of a strong nationalist presence in its government.

    Last year, a group of nationalist lawmakers from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party angered China by saying the generally accepted death toll in the “Rape of Nanking” massacre was grossly inflated.

    Copyright 2008/9 Associated Press.

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