Good breeding season for spoonbills of Texel island

This is a video from the Netherlands about a spoonbill and a cow.

From Vroege Vogels in the Netherlands:

On Texel island, right now 370 couples of spoonbills are breeding. This is the highest number ever since counting started. In 2007, 348 couples were counted. The biggest breeding colony is in De Geul, in National Park De Duinen van Texel. At least 274 couples breed there, up from 239 in 2007. …

In 2007, 1844 couples of spoonbills were breeding in the Netherlands; 1220 of those were in the Wadden sea region. …

In ditches, they catch mainly three-spined sticklebacks. They are also looking for shrimps on the Wadden sea mudflats.

Webcam of spoonbills nesting on Texel: here.

Spoonbills Texel, July 2009: here.

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