Pakistani workers’ rights denied under Musharraf dictatorship

This video from Pakistan is called Karachi Pearl Continental Workers May Day 2007 Torch Rally.

From British daily News Line:

Wednesday, 4 June 2008


Not fit for print? On May 1st 2008, the International Union of Foodworkers (IUF) sought to publish an open letter to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Labour in the newspapers of Pakistan.

The letter concerned the on-going denial of trade union rights at the Karachi Pearl Continental (PC) Hotel.

The Karachi PC Hotel is part of a chain of six luxury hotels across Pakistan owned by Sadruddin Hashwani, one of the country’s richest individuals, who, via the Hashoo Group conglomerate, controls investments in hotels, pharmaceuticals, cotton trading, mining, property development and manufacturing.

The IUF sought to have the open letter published as a paid advertisement – all the newspapers approached by the IUF refused.

No reasons were given for the refusal.

The IUF sought legal advice before approaching the newspapers on the content of the letter and it was deemed fit for publication.

Despite the refusal, the letter was delivered to representatives of the Government of Pakistan on May 1st and at the same time a message from the IUF regarding the open letter was delivered live on national television.

The letter in full follows here.

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