Iraqi children jailed by US army

This 2013 video from the USA is called Children Horribly Deformed by US Chemical Weapons in Iraq.

From AFP news agency:

US Army detains 500 minors in Iraq: report

Thursday, May 15, 2008 (Washington)

Around 500 minors are currently detained by the US army in Iraq, as well as nearly a dozen juveniles in Afghanistan, a US civil liberties group revealed.

”Since 2002, the United States has held approximately 2,500 individuals under the age of 18 at the time of their capture in Guantanamo Bay, in Iraq, and in Afghanistan,” said a US government report for the UN children’s agency, made public by the American Civil Liberties Union.

”As of April 2008, US forces held approximately 500 juveniles” in Iraq, where ”all detainees, regardless of age, are held by US forces as imperative threats to security at the request of the sovereign Iraqi government and pursuant to a UN Security Council Resolution,” the report said.

Pentagon spokesman Jeffrey Gordon confirmed the report was true but gave no further comment.

The number of minors in US detention in Iraq rose as high as 800 in 2007.

In addition, around 10 minors are currently held in US custody in Afghanistan‘s Bagram prison, and are considered ”enemy combatants.”

These are just the figures for the United States Army. There are also other United States military forces, like the Marines etc., other United States government agencies, private mercenary corporations, British and other Bush allies, etc. in Iraq and Afghanistan. The number of children they detain is not included in this report.

See also here.

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