Extreme Right deathly violence in Italy

This is a music video of The Fuehrer’s Face by Spike Jones.

By Marianne Arens:

Italy: Berlusconi’s new government promotes xenophobia

16 May 2008

Nicolo Tommasoli was buried in the city of Verona last Saturday. The 29-year-old had been beaten to death on May 1 by neo-Nazis. A silent crowd of over 300 mourners escorted his coffin to the grave. In accordance with the wishes of his parents and fiancée, politicians and the press were excluded from Tommasoli’s funeral service.

On the evening of May 1, Nicolo was abused in the centre of Verona by a group of known thugs from the skinhead and neo-Nazi scene. When he refused to give them a cigarette they beat him to the ground and repeatedly kicked his head and body with their boots. His injuries were so severe that he never recovered.

One week after the assault, on May 8, Tommasoli died. On the same day Silvio Berlusconi presented the cabinet of his fourth government to the public. Even if the two events have no direct connection it is no accident that they took place almost virtually at the same time. Right-wing extremist thugs have been emboldened by the return of the right wing to power.

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2 thoughts on “Extreme Right deathly violence in Italy

  1. 2008-05-28 12:22

    More Italians can’t make ends meet

    Family income now below the European average

    (ANSA) – Rome, May 28 – More and more Italians are finding it difficult to make ends meet and pay for unexpected expenses, according to a new report from national statistics bureau Istat.

    The annual survey found that 14.6% of Italian families have great difficulty in making it to the end of the month with their earnings, while 28.4% were unable to pay for unexpected expenses of 600 euros or more and 66.1% said they were unable to put away any savings.

    Based on data from 2006, the report said the percentage of families having problems making ends meet also rose in the more affluent north, climbing to 10.7% compared to 9.9% the previous year.

    Other findings in the report included that 6.2% of Italians feel they cannot afford adequate nutrition, 10.4% are unable to sufficiently heat their homes and 38.7% cannot afford to take a week’s holiday.

    Among families with mortgages, 61.1% complain their payments are excessive, while people who rent their homes feel their monthly rent is too high.

    Looking at incomes, Istat found that Italian families in 2005 made an average of 2,300 euros a month, but that half of them earned less than 1,900 euros a month.

    One of the main reasons why Italians are having difficulty making ends meet, Istat explained, was that the Italian economy was slowing down, especially in the latter part of 2007.

    According to Istat, a decline in productivity had reduced the income of Italians, who until recently earned more than the European average but now make less.

    The Istat annual report also found that while unemployment declined in Italy last year, this was in part due to a growing number giving up their search for employment.


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