New Mark Fiore animation on Blackwater

This video from MSNBC in the USA is called Blackwater Founder Comes Under Fire.

There is a new animation by Mark Fiore from the USA on the Internet.

It is called Blackwater Business School.

It is about the US mercenary corporation Blackwater and its crimes in the Iraq war.

The animation is here.

2 thoughts on “New Mark Fiore animation on Blackwater

  1. Report: Blackwater buys Brazilian-made fighter plane

    Updated 1d 13h ago

    SAO PAULO, Brazil (AP) — A subsidiary of U.S. military security contractor Blackwater Worldwide has purchased a fighter plane from the Brazilian aviation company Embraer, a Brazilian newspaper reported Sunday.

    The 314-B1 Super Tucano propeller-driven fighter — the same used by the Brazilian military — was bought for $4.5 million and delivered to EP Aviation at the end of February, according to the Estado de S. Paulo newspaper.

    The report included the plane’s registration number with the U.S. Federal Aviation Agency, and the FAA website confirmed it is registered by EP Aviation.

    It was not clear if it was Embraer’s first sale of a military-style aircraft to a private company. EP Aviation has 33 planes and helicopters registered with the FAA, according to the agency’s website, only one of which is from Embraer.

    Officials with Brazil’s government and Embraer declined to comment on the Estado report. Phone calls to Blackwater were not returned.

    The sale was apparently approved, the Estado report noted, by Brazil’s president in a deal negotiated with the U.S. government.

    Brazilian law prohibits the sale of arms to companies or for use in existing conflicts.

    The newspaper reported that Blackwater president Gary Jackson said the plane would be used for training.

    The plane sold to EP Aviation did not include the two .50-caliber machine guns normally attached to the wings.

    Blackwater, the largest private security company in the world, has been under scrutiny as a U.S. federal grand jury investigates its involvement in the shooting deaths of 17 Iraqi civilians. Blackwater also is under investigation for possible weapons smuggling allegations — violations the company denies.

    Copyright 2008 The Associated Press.


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