Gecko-insect symbiosis in Madagascar

Madagascar day gecko

From the BBC:

A bizarre relationship between a gecko and a sap-sucking insect has been caught on camera for the first time.

The day gecko, which lives in the forests of Madagascar, has been recorded begging a bug for its dinner.

The lizard repeatedly nods its head at the insect, called a plant hopper, until it flicks over small balls of honeydew for the gecko to dine upon.

It is not yet understood why the insect so willingly offers up honeydew at the lizard’s behest.

Some believe that the presence of the hungry geckos may keep other predators away from the insect.

The footage was recorded for the BBC One series Life In Cold Blood.

It took the crew several attempts to capture this strange behaviour on camera as plant hoppers are very well camouflaged.

Life In Cold Blood is on BBC One on Monday, 18 February at 2100 GMT and is repeated on BBC One on Sunday, 23 February.

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New gecko species discovered in Vanuatu: here.

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