Florida scrub-jays in danger in the USA

This video from the USA says about itself:

This is a clip of my family visiting the Florida scrub-jays at Lyonia Preserve. Very sociable animals, as you can see.

From Wildlife Extra:

Populations of threatened Florida scrub-jays are declining, according to the latest annual Nature Conservancy study of jay populations across Central Florida. The scrub-jay is Florida’s only endemic bird, but these small, light blue birds are disappearing at 40 percent of their population sites, volunteer jay counters observed.

Results of a sixth-annual summer survey of Florida scrub-jays along the Lake Wales Ridge were reported recently at a volunteer recognition event at Historic Bok Sanctuary.

Statewide, virtually all of the large populations still occur only on the Lake Wales Ridge, Ocala National Forest, and on Kennedy Space Center or Cape Canaveral Air Station.

Florida Scrub-Jay Decreasing Rapidly: here.

A scrub jay blog: here.

Scrub jay on deer head photo: here.

Florida Scrub-jay: Great recession beneficiary: here.

The breeding ecology of the Island Scrub-Jay (Aphelocoma insularis), North America’s only island-endemic bird, is the focus of an ongoing research and monitoring effort by personnel from the Smithsonian Institution, Colorado State University, the U. C. Davis Wildlife Health Center, and The Nature Conservancy: here.

The current population of the Island Scrub-Jay, a rare California bird, is only one fifth of what experts had previously believed, according to a new study. The Island Scrub-Jay is a brightly colored blue and gray bird that is only found on Santa Cruz Island, which is about 17 miles off the coast of California, directly south of Santa Barbara: here.

Blue jay photo: here.

When mobbing predators, Siberian jays use over a dozen different calls to communicate the level of danger and predator category to other members of their own group: here.

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