Internet action for threatened Canadian forest

This is is a video of ‘Grade 7 and 8 students at Slocan Community School singing a song celebrating Christmas and British Columbia ‘s endangered Mountain Caribou‘.

From EcoEarth.Info:

Action Alert: Another Sell-Out of British Columbia’s Ancient Temperate Rainforests Possible

Rare mountain caribou threatened by further closed door, secret forest negotiations; survival depends upon ending logging in the full range of their ancient temperate rainforest habitat

By, a project of Ecological Internet – October 9, 2007

Issued in partnership with Valhalla Wilderness Watch

If you did not like the negotiations that signed away two-thirds of British Columbia’s (BC) Great Bear Rainforest for first time industrial logging of priceless ancient temperate rainforests, you will want to know that something even worse is happening in BC, Canada’s Inland Temperate Rainforest, home of the world’s only mountain caribou. These special caribou are totally dependent upon large areas of intact old-growth forest for their survival. But they are critically endangered and declining rapidly, with only about 1,800 animals left. The reason is that there has been too much logging and road building in their habitat. …

If the past is any guide, the likely outcome will be unrepresentative, foundation based environmental organizations compromising away vast areas of intact ancient temperate rainforest for vague promises that industrial logging will be “ecosystem based” or some other such nonsense. Prompt global citizen response is needed to continue advocating to end ancient forest logging.

Update 16 October 2007: here.

7 thoughts on “Internet action for threatened Canadian forest

    Exclude Ancient Forest Logging Supporters from Holiday Gift List

    Environmental groups embracing certified logging of primary
    and old-growth forests threaten climate, biodiversity,
    ecosystems, sustainability and humanity — stop giving them

    By Dr. Glen Barry,
    November 12th, 2007

    What do Rainforest Action Network (RAN), Greenpeace (GP) and
    WWF have in common? Each support first time, industrial
    logging of ancient rainforests certified by the Forest
    Stewardship Council (FSC); implying and even stating it is
    sustainable and somehow “protects” these primordial green
    cathedrals that sustain being.

    The “Big-Three” ancient forest logging apologists have sold
    out the world’s forests and climate, and should have no place
    on your holiday gift list. They refuse to even defend their
    FSC support, and will not commit to ending ancient forest
    logging until it hits their bottom line. So stop giving them

    If you fund them, it is like you have a chainsaw in your hand,
    and are logging ancient forests filled with rare biodiversity,
    altering ecosystems and spewing tons of carbon into the
    atmosphere. The organization that I head, Ecological Internet
    (EI), campaigns effectively to end ancient forest logging and
    confront FSC and supporters. Support us instead at

    Ancient forests have evolved over millions of years. Their
    full, intact biodiversity maintains ecosystem functions —
    including carbon and water storage and cycling — that sustain
    the biosphere, and meet human and others’ habitat needs.
    Intact, large expanses of ancient rainforests are making their
    last stand, and it is way past time to confront and stop all
    who would allow their industrial diminishment or loss.

    Our campaign strategy featured prominently in a recent Wall
    Street Journal article, where FSC acknowledged their label was
    “destroying pristine forest”. We roughly estimate 60% of FSC
    timbers have their origin in first time logging of primary and
    old-growth forests — threatening an area twice the size of the
    Amazon with being ravaged by bulldozers for your FSC barbeque
    furniture. No such figures are released by FSC.

    RAN is the only organization that agreed to discuss the issue,
    but like the others refused to substantially defend their
    position. RAN stated they were for ending ancient forest
    logging; but not using their FSC membership to examine, or
    work to end, FSC’s leading role promoting and expanding
    ancient forest logging. Such doublespeak illustrates RAN’s
    incredible intellectual weakness, lack of boldness and
    imagination, and a profound lack of belief that anything can
    be changed.

    The Rainforest Action Network does not protect RAINFOREST from
    certified logging, does not take ACTION to stop FSC expansion
    of first time logging of ancient rainforests, and aside from
    another great fund-raising party in NYC following up on their
    recent revel, is not much of a NETWORK. RAN’s name is a
    shameful joke, and the organization is effectively dead as a
    leading force in the USA for rainforest protection. Your RAN
    membership pays for logging old-growth and primary forests,
    and all giving to them must end (they are out of my will as

    I am amazed at each organization’s capacity to resist truthful
    ecological fact that ending ancient forest logging is
    necessary to save the climate and humanity. They are now
    speaking as if it is the 1990s and we have tons of time to
    save the climate and rainforests, and there is this really
    exciting new effort to sustainability log primary forests. FSC
    has failed. The idea of sustainably industrially logging
    ancient forests has failed. They must adapt, or lose the
    support financially and otherwise of the environmentally
    conscious public.

    The trends are clear ā€“- intact ancient rainforests will soon
    be gone ā€“- and RAN, GP and WWF are concerned with logging
    them a bit better so they are tree plantations rather than
    deforested (or so I am left to conclude as they refuse to
    provide detailed rationale). Given poverty, past and current
    trends, and the general lack of ecological understanding; of
    course it is difficult to end ancient forest logging. But it
    is a requirement for global ecological sustainability — we
    try, succeed or die.

    After receiving some 10 million protest emails from virtually
    every country, none of the groups have responded substantively
    to our critique. They have stonewalled, vilified, gone off on
    tangents; but have not in detail refuted our analysis that
    green groups must unite in working to end ancient forest
    logging as a critical climate and ecological sustainability
    response, nor stated why they believe ancient forests being
    logged industrially for the first time is a public and
    environmental good. RAN, FSC and cronies had a chance to
    defend their position, they continue to hide, and now they
    will pay.

    EI will always speak truthfully based upon exhaustive learning
    and knowledge. We will always admit when we are wrong and will
    change, and we will remain committed to speaking and acting
    for what is required to save the Earth; not what is easy,
    token, and brings in donations. Taking a hard stand that
    ancient forests must be preserved, whatever the difficulties,
    is yielding on the ground rainforest protection success. And
    it critical for any chance Gaia and her humanity have for

    Either you are committed to ending ancient forest logging or
    you are a major cause of the climate and other Earth crises.
    Please continue to support biocentric and sufficient Earth
    action committed to ending ancient rainforest logging at and cross RAN, GP and WWF
    off the giving list until they are able to admit they are
    wrong, change course, and embrace ecological truth.


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