Ancient murals found in Syria

This video is ‘A clip of some ancient places in Syria such as Al-Heer Al-Sharqi Palace, Kingdom of Mari, Halabia, Dura Europos, Jabar Castle, Al-Rasafa, Palmyra‘.

From daily The Independent in South Africa:

Ancient murals found near Euphrates

October 10 2007 at 02:01AM

Damascus – Mural paintings dating back 11 000 years have been found in a building on a bank of the River Euphrates in northern Syria, a French archaeologist said on Tuesday.

Eric Coqueugniot said they were the oldest murals found in the Middle East.

“Geometric paintings – black, white and red – have been found on the wall of a house in Jadeh,” he said, adding that they were discovered in late September in a circular house with a diameter of about seven metres.

The house was in a riverside village dating from the start of the neolithic era in the Middle East, 9 000 years BC.

The researchers found numerous flint objects at the site along with a figurine of a man. – Sapa-AFP

Video about archaeology in Syria: here.

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