Singer Katie Melua, from supporter to opponent of the Iraq war

This video about the Iraq war is called WMD LIES – Bush Cheney Rumsfeld – THE ULTIMATE CLIP (Edited).

Picasso (and Colin Powell).

In the Dutch daily Metro of 3 October 2007, there is an interview with Georgian-English singer Katie Melua. In that interview, Katie Melua says:

Take, for instance, the war in Iraq. At first, I agreed with Britain sending soldiers there (as Melua sang in ‘Spiderweb’ on Piece By Piece, ed. [of Metro], as there was the threat of weapons of mass destruction. At that moment, my original feeling that it was just about oil, did not seem to be correct. However, now that it has been proven that those weapons did not exist at all; and the war really is about oil, I am a strong opponent of the war.”

The evolution of Ms Melua’s ideas about the Iraq war is probably quite representative for quite some people. Nevertheless, that should not be used as an excuse by, eg, US Democratic Party leaders who voted for the Iraq war, thus failing as opposition leaders, to say: ‘Everybody in 2003 believed Bush’s WMD lies’. I remember some of the millions of demonstrators all over the world against the threat of the Iraq war in February 2003, carrying a sign saying ‘Computer buffs, use Colin Powell’s Photoshop 4.0′ about the infamous speech ‘proving the existence of Iraqi WMD’ in the United Nations, by Bush’s then Secretary of State.

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