Georgian British singer Katie Melua against war

This music video is Katie MeluaNine Million Bicycles; live.

From British (Conservative) paper, the Daily Telegraph:

Katie Melua fears for family in Georgia amid ‘war’

Singer Katie Melua spoke today of her fears for the safety of her mother and brother, who are in her home country of Georgia as it teeters on the brink of war.

Last Updated: 5:15PM BST 08 Aug 2008

Melua, 24, telephoned her mother Tamari after fighting broke out between Georgia and breakaway province of South Ossetia, which is backed by Russia.

The Nine Million Bicycles singer was due to visit family members in the south-west Asian republic in a fortnight and still hopes to go.

She fears her uncle may be conscripted into the Georgian army but her brother Zurab, 16, is too young to fight.

Melua said she hoped the conflict ended soon.

“Whoever settled anything with war? At the moment it seems to be a lot of posturing and the two ‘sides’ showing each other how big their ‘guns’ are,” she said.

“But I hope that the violence can end before any more people are killed.” …

A spokeswoman for the singer added: “She is worried about her mum and brother being there. But they are not completely panicking because they are in Tbilsi [sic; Tbilisi].

“Everyone has been told to sit tight and see how it pans out.

“Her mother told Katie that all Georgian men over the age of 18 are to go to Ossetia. Fortunately her brother is too young, but her uncle would qualify.

“On a personal note, that is scary.”

Katie Melua in British daily, the Daily Mirror:

She said: “We left when civil war started, then we moved to Belfast during the Troubles, so I’ve lived in war-torn countries for much of my life and don’t want to be kept away from my own country.

“While the governments fight over a piece of land, it is the people who suffer.”

In rejecting the war, Ms Melua agrees with many Georgians whose voices are hardly heard in the Western media; contrary to the voice of authoritarian Georgian president Saakashvili.

Katie Melua earlier on became, from a supporter of the Iraq war, an opponent of that war. Saakashvili’s Georgian soldiers were the third biggest foreign contingent in Iraq; until United States military planes recently transported them to Georgia to invade South Ossetia.

I wish Katie Melua well, with the nationalist hate mail which she may be getting now from Saakashvili supporters. It is courageous to take this sensible stand, so different from the warmongering of Saakashvili, George W. Bush, ‘new’ Labour British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and British Conservative opposition leader David Cameron.

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3 thoughts on “Georgian British singer Katie Melua against war


    Republicans and Democrats alike have signaled strong support for Georgia. . . . To date, however, there has been no independent evidence, beyond Georgia’s insistence that its version is true, that Russian forces were attacking before the Georgian barrages.

    “[The Georgian regime] can count on continued support and assistance from the United States. . . . Georgia will be in our alliance. NATO is a defensive alliance. It is a threat to no one. . . . Appreciate everything you’re doing for us.”


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