Bach concert in Utrecht, the Netherlands

This video is about music by the bells of the Dom church in Utrecht.

The Dom [cathedral] church of Utrecht in the Netherlands was built in the Middle Ages in the Gothic style for the local bishops, who then also had much economic and political power. Ever since the 16th century Reformation, it has been a Protestant church. Until the twentieth century, its 112 meter high tower was the tallest building of the Netherlands.

Every Saturday, there is a concert, open to the public, of classical music, played on the church organ and other instruments.

Today, all the music was written by Johann Sebastian Bach. It was played by Jan Jansen on the church organ. Playing Bach’s Sonate G-dur BWV 1027, Mr Jansen changed to harpsichord, with his son(?) Maarten Jansen joining him on cello.

The other pieces were: first, Fantasy in G major BWV 572. Then, the Triosonate d-moll BWV 527. After the sonate together with his son(?), Mr Jansen returned to the organ, playing Preludium in e minor BWV 548a. Then, ‘Vater unser im Himmelreich’, BWV 682. Then, finally, Fugue in e minor BWV 548b.

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