Rare early medieval coins discovered in the Netherlands

This Dutch video is about archaeological research under the cathedral square in Utrecht in 2011. Then, scientists made several discoveries, like a fourteenth century gold coin and Roman age objects.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands today:

Only rarely coins from the early Middle Ages are excavated. So, there was much joy when archaeologists in Utrecht found gold and silver coins from the end of the seventh century.

“It’s the most special coin collection from that period ever found”, said city archaeologist Herre Wynia. “It’s already unique if you will find one, but these are 44.”

Metal detectors

The discovery was made during excavations under the cathedral square. Earlier, skeletons, a tombstone, and parts of a Roman road had been found there.

Wynia: “We can therefore put the coins into an archaeological context. So, suddenly, we know much more about the history of the cathedral square.”

“In fact this was a re-excavation” says Wynia. “In 1949, an archaeologist also found some coins while digging, but then there were no metal detectors yet. Now we have them, and we found out that there are so many coins.”


The excavations have to do with ‘Dom Down Under’, an exhibition on 2000 years of history which will come under the square.

Until that time, the coins will be on display at the Central Museum in Utrecht. Tomorrow they will be shown there for the first time. From the beginning of July, the medieval money will be temporarily in the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden.

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