Shell, British government, endanger Pacific whales

This video is Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Adventures “Gray Whale“.

From British daily The Independent:

Backing for pipeline ‘endangers whales’

By Amol Rajan

Published: 17 August 2007

Two environmental groups have accused the British Government of covertly sponsoring Royal Dutch Shell‘s Sakhalin-2 oil and gas project off east Russia, which they say is causing major environmental damage and threatening a rare species of whale.

WWF and The Corner House say the Government is seeking judicial review of what they claim is crucial financial support for a project which does not meet official standards on conservation. …

The World Conservation Union (IUCN) has heavily criticised the Sakhalin-2 project for its impact on the ecosystem off eastern Russia. The impact of noise on the western grey whale has been the subject of intense scrutiny. In July this year, an IUCN panel said it “finds Sakhalin Energy‘s apparent decision to reject the noise criteria proposed in April 2007… extremely disappointing”. It expressed concern about the “cumulative effects of noise produced by ongoing industrial activities” on grey whales. Only about 120 whales are thought to remain.

Shell oil and privacy: here.

Fin whale (?) in England: here.

Gray whales: here.

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