Satellite tracking of scarlet macaws in Guatemala

This is a video of a scarlet macaw flock in Belize.

From the Wildlife Conservation Society:

Eye In The Sky Tracks Macaws On The Wing

Science Daily — Researchers from the Wildlife Conservation Society have succeeded in placing satellite collars on wild parrots for the first time ever, allowing the scientists to track the birds across the wild landscape of Guatemala with earth-orbiting spacecraft.

In conjunction with the Loro Parque Foundation, Texas A&M University, Amigos de los Aves-USA, North Star Science and Technology, and the US Agency for International Development, researchers with the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Guatemala Program recently succeeded in fitting two adult scarlet macaws with satellite tracking (Platform Terminal Transmitter, PTT) collars in an effort to learn more about the habitat use and migration patterns of the birds.

Costa Rica’s Endangered Scarlet Macaws Born in Captivity are Reproducing in the Wild: here.

Great green macaws in Costa Rica: here.

Rimatara lorikeets in Oceania: here.

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