UK: privatisation leads to eviction of 103-year-old woman

This video is called PPIAF: Stop water privatisation.

“23 May 2007- Activists held a LOUD protest outside a meeting in The Hague of an obscure and secretive body of the World Bank. What is wrong with the PPIAF? We’ll tell you. Water for life and not for profit!”

From British daily The Morning Star:

Low-life wretches

(Friday 10 August 2007)

WHAT kind of low-life wretches could stoop so low as to threaten a 103-year-old woman with eviction unless they were given an extra £100 a week for nursing care?

And, having succeeded in blackmailing the local council into coughing up the extra money, what kind of soulless scumbags would press ahead with the eviction anyway?

The answer, of course, is the management of a privatised care home, which sees the elderly and vulnerable as a means of self-enrichment.

Esme Collins is said by her family to have coped with the move to another home well, but why should she have had to endure such disruption at her age?

Her daughter Esme Simpson pays tribute to the kindness of many of the staff at the Abbeymoor Nursing Home in Worksop, but her thoughts about the owners, who appear to have cash registers where their hearts should be, are unlikely to be so charitable.

Another ‘great’ result of privatisation, as preached by Milton Friedman, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, etc.

French privatisation of education: here.

23 thoughts on “UK: privatisation leads to eviction of 103-year-old woman

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